FreeRTOS thread aware debugging on static RTOS

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FreeRTOS thread aware debugging on static RTOS

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When using the static allocation version of FreeRTOS the task list in the debugging view does not populate.  Furthermore when configuring the the TAD machinery in freertos_tasks_c_additions.h there is not an option to select static when configuring the memory model.

The thread list does show the threads but nothing in the task list view

Is this not supported in the static mode of FreeRTOS?



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The 'All-Stop' setting when setting up the launch config does not stick.  Delete all launch configs, create a new one and select 'All-Stop' -> does not work.  Stop debugging and open launch config properties and 'non-stop' is check marked.  Uncheck that and debug then it works.

This happens on both versions 10.2 & 11.1

In the end it is now working for me, case closed.

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@alannilsson ,

You don't say which device you're working with, but I have TAD working with FreeRTOS on Kinetis devices.  

The directions I used are from Tutorial: Using Runtime Statistics with Amazon FreeRTOS V10 by @ErichStyger 

Let me know how this works for you,


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