Problem with meterliblp

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Problem with meterliblp

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Hi All,

I'm trying to build a reference project from "MCRSP_ACIM_V1.2.0" with MCUXpresso. During linking process there are error messages as:

meterliblp3ph.c:(.text.METERLIBLP3PH_CalcWattHours+0x1e4): undefined reference to `S_div_llll'

meterliblp3ph.c:(.text.METERLIBLP3PH_CalcVarHours+0x26): undefined reference to `L_fir_ss'

meterliblp3ph.c:(.text.METERLIBLP3PH_CalcAuxiliary+0x25c): undefined reference to `S_sqr_l'

The libraries "fraclib_cm4f_gcc.a", "meterlib_cm4f_gcc.a" and "meterliblp_cm4f_gcc.a" are included in the project, also paths to them and paths to their header files. Obviously there is some incorrect setting, but i was unable to figure-out it. I compared the setting with Kinetis Design Studio, but without success.

Please, advice.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Peter,


NXP MCRSP ACIM v1.2.0 was compiled and tested with these development tools:


  • IAR Embedded Workbench IDE v7.80
  • Kinetis Design Studio IDE v3.2
  • Keil μVision MDK-ARM IDE v5.20


However, if you wish to use MCUXpresso, you can check the following website from a colleague:


Hope it helps!


Best regards,


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Hi Felipe,

Thank you for your answer.

According to the recommendations of NXP, KDS is no longer supported and MCUXpresso is recommended for new projects. I have such project and just tried to add libraries and source code to control an asynchronous motor. Anyway, I found the solution for my linking problem:


It was necessary to change the order of libraries - fraclib to be after meterliblp.  I do not see some logic in this, but my problem was resolved.

Best Regards,