Cannot flash program RT1064, Internal Flash Driver Reports Error.

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Cannot flash program RT1064, Internal Flash Driver Reports Error.

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When attempting to load code onto my RT 1064 EVK, the flash driver reports the following error: 

ProgramPage (0x70000000, 0x200026C8, 0x4000) status 0x1 - driver reported driver error - EXTSPIJ driver rc 185 (0xB9)
Closing flash driver MIMXRT1064.cfx
Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(49): Flash driver operation gave error.
GDB stub (crt_emu_cm_redlink) terminating - GDB protocol problem: Pipe has been closed by GDB.

I am using MCUXpresso 11.0 and have successfully preformed a mass erase of the flash and reset the board, but this has not helped the issue.

I am also able to connect to the board and erase the flash with the SW7 switch in position 0010 (internal flash selected as boot device), which leads me to believe that a bad image is not the issue.

This all started after I used the GUI flash tool to put a .bin file of the iled example code into flash (location 0x70000000), but it now seems that I can't load anything on the board or recover it via the normal methods.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and
for the opportunity to serve you.
I'd like to confirm that the MIMXRT1064 would be non-programmable after programming one of your programs, even example demos is disabled to be programmed again, is it right?
Meanwhile, I'd like you can try these below methods to fix this issue.
1. Update the firmware of the on-board debugger OpenSDA.
2. Adapt the SW7 to select Serial Downloader mode, then try to program the i.MX RT1064 under this mode, then recover to the Interteral Boot to boot.
BTW, you can download the NXP-MCUBootUtility via the link

Have a great day,


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