Pin Function display issue on Pins for i.MX Version 5.0

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Pin Function display issue on Pins for i.MX Version 5.0

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When I load the RT1064 EVK board into Pins for i.MX Version 5.0, the Pin and Pin name column display correctly.  And the Connections under each of the functional groups like ENC, Flex SPI etc display clearly - but the are not aligned to the data in the rows Pin and Pin name.

Below I have snipped 3 views of the same pin but with it scrolled to different positions in the window.

See it first says it corresponds to XBAR1-XBAR-INOUT14, then is misaligned and then XBAR1-XBAR-INOUT15




XBAR1-XBAR-INOUT14 is correct (when it is at top of window)

I am Using Win 64 bit version on Win 10 with 4K monitors.

Bit scary - any fix or work around (I guess just use the top line of the window).

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Donald Kay,


This seems to be a bug in the Pins view which is related to 4K monitor (Display scale and layout).  

I will log this issue in the software team project.


There is a workaround:

Please edit the tools.ini file in your tools installation directory, shall be in c:\nxp\MCUX_CFG_v5\bin\, add the following line to the end



This option disables the freezing of the first two columns, but solves your issue.


Thank you for reporting the issue.

Best Regards,