How To Install NXP Vision Toolbox in MATLAB

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How To Install NXP Vision Toolbox in MATLAB

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Installing the NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 is the first step in setting up and running automatic code generation from MATLAB for NXP S32V234 automotive vision processors and development boards.


NXP Vision Toolbox is delivered as MATLAB Toolbox Package (MLTBX) that can be installed in two different ways:

  • Online from Mathwork’s File Exchange website. For convenience, a NXP Support Package for S32V234 is available to assist throughout the installation process of the NXP Vision Toolbox and supplementary software;
  • Offline from NXP website as a MATLAB Add-on;


This article shows how to install the NXP Vision Toolbox using online approach directly from Mathwork’s File Exchange website. Before you start with this toolbox installation, you need to be aware that NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 requires the following Mathwork’s products to be installed. Make sure you have a valid license for the products marked as “Required”

Due to code generation performance issues the NXP Vision Toolbox uses a special feature row-major that has been introduced in MATLAB Coder 2018a.

To install the NXP Vision Toolbox on your computer, please follow the next steps:

1. Open MATLAB 2018a and select Get Add-Ons



2. Once the Add-On Explorer window opens, search for “nxp vision toolbox s32v



3. Select the NXP Support Package for S32V234 and click on "Add" button to start the installation of the installer guide into your MATLAB instance



4. Wait until the toolbox is installed and then click on "Open Folder" button



5. Run the " NXP_Support_Package_S32V234" command in your MATLAB console to start the Installer Guide.



6 .The NXP Support Package for S32V234 - Installer Guide User Interface is started



7. Click on “Go To NXP Download Site” button


8. Download the NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234 version 2018.R1.RFP using "Download Selected Files" option



9. Click on “Install MLTBX File as Add-On” button select the file to start the install process



10. Indicate acceptance of the NXP Software License Agreement by selecting “I agree to the terms of the license” to proceed



11. Check if the NXP Vision Toolbox is installed correctly on your MATLAB environment by simply clicking on “Verify Vision Toolbox Installation” button



12: Press on “Generate License File” button to generate a license file



13. Select "License Keys" tab



14. Verify if the correct tool and version are identified and then check the box and click on “Generate” button



15. Select Disk Serial Number or Ethernet address as the “Node Host ID”. If you do not know your Disk Serial Number nor the Ethernet address then check the link available on this page with details about License Generation. 



16. Click on “Generate” button to get the license. Verify if the information is correct: Toolbox version, expiration date, Node Host ID



17. Use the “Activate NXP Vision Toolbox” option to make sure the license is copied correctly in the appropriate toolbox location


18. Check if the license file is installed correctly by using the “Verify Vision Toolbox License” button. If everything is ok, then the Installer Guide will confirm the action



At this point you have successfully installed the NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V234. Furthermore, you can download and install the Vision SDK package that is needed for code generation and optionally you can download a pre-built bootable Linux image that can be used to bootup the S32V234 directly from Windows OS.

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