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Yocto - Make Custom machine layer

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I would like to add a new layer for a custom board based on the ls1021atwr.  Up till now, I have made the changes directly to the meta-fsl-arm layer.  In particular, I need change the ls1021atwr.conf machine configuration file to use a different u-boot and kernel.  Will I be able to use the same 'ls1021atwr.conf', with changes, inside a new higher-priority yocto layer?  Or will I instead need to create a new BSP layer in order to support a new machine configuration?

Thank you,

Josh Kurland

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Contributor IV

I was able to partially answer my own question.  In short, no, it is not possible to use layer priority with configuration files.

From the Yocto Manual, "Also, the layer priority does not currently affect the precedence order of .conf or.bbclass files. Future versions of BitBake might address this."

( Yocto Project Development Manual , 5.1.6 Prioritizing Your Layer)