Modify LS1046ardb.h file n uboot

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Modify LS1046ardb.h file n uboot

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We have custom board using LS1046a processor . The board is similar to LS1046ardb kit. I need to modify Ls1046ardb.h as per my board. I am unable to understand certain config options and address/values used in this file. Is there any documentation for the same.Kindly help.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

If you wish to identify the configuration macros you need to modify for your
home design board, the best approach is to go through the initialization code
of the original NXP design your own board  was  modeled after. For LS1046A-RDB,
this code is located here.

The code is reasonably compact and shows how various board-specific configuration
macros are used.

u-Boot global configuration options are documented in the main u-Boot readme file.

For the macros you cannot find in any of the above, search the source to see
where and how they are used or ask more specifically.

Macros that start with CONFIG_SYS_ are unlikely to need to be modified. If you
are to change any of them, make sure you understand fully what you are doing,
which basically means, again, look how the code uses them.

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