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LSDK tutorial

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As LSDK for layerscape processor is very large body of software , NXP should include have some training on flow of code  as it is very difficult to understand the flow for beginners like me. LSDKUG is not very helpful as it only explains at top level.It does not explain on how to modify the device tree to suit our custom board and so on. Kindly help. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Use the following command sequence for LSDK2004 installing:

Install Ubuntu 18.04.

Install all updates for this Ubuntu.

Install and build LSDK2004 using the following command sequence:

  1. sudo apt-get install git
  2. tar xvzf flexbuild_lsdk2004.tgz
  3. change folder and issue the following command: source setup.env
  4. flex-builder -i mkrfs -a arm64
  5. flex-builder -c linux -a arm64
  6. flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1012afrwy -b qspi


Change .dts file and using the following commands for building:

flex-builder -c linux -a arm64

flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1012afrwy -b qspi


See the AN5125 about Device Tree:


There is also information in internet about Device Tree:

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov


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