How to build and run program LS1028ARDB?

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How to build and run program LS1028ARDB?

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      How do I run a simple hello world program in LS1028ARDB without using CodeWarrior Tap and CodeWarrior IDE.

Additionally, I want to interface and program Lora 2 Click with the system. Can someone answer these questions?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You are asking very basic questions. If you want a very beginner guide, googling for something like "cross compiling for ARM" yields a lot of
step-by-step how-to's. Here is a couple from  the first search page that
look appropriate:

Installing NXP SDK for your board will save you a few manual commands to install the right toolchain and will help you when you move to a more serious

After you build your application, you can use any communication protocol
(FTP, HTTP, SSH/SFTP, whatever)to transfer the binary to the target.
The same SDK will generate a set of target boot binaries to bring up
the board so that the protocol can work.

As of the software package you mentioned, we cannot share any experience
with it, sorry. Our suggestion in this regard is to consult at it's maintainer/documentation/support for build instructions.

Have a great day,

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