Fuse blowing - external power supply

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Fuse blowing - external power supply

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Hello all,


so I'm using Grapeboard which is based on LS1012A. I'm trying to run secure boot and for that purpose I should blow fuses. In order to do that 1.8V should be supplied to SFP_PROG pad. Due to Grapeboard design an external power supply (PS) is needed. This means both PSs, main and external, should have common ground. However, due to unexpected design of barrel PS jack (when plugged disconnects 2 ground points of jack) I ended up in situation using 2 PSs without common ground. Both PS are AC/DC converters.One operatin at 12V and other at 1.8V (with current limitation to 1A). Photo below.


Did I potentially damage the board? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

> Did I potentially damage the board? 

Not necessarily, but cannot be stated for sure.

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