Clock outputs from LS1021A

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Clock outputs from LS1021A

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I need to give four 1KHz clock outputs from LS1021 to different modules as a diagnostic pulse (ticks).

Can someone suggest which pins can be used for this purpose?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

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LS1021A has several timers which can generate ~1KHz from the system clock (or form an external clock).
These timers are :

 Flex Timer - Please see chapter 1.4.11 FlexTimer module (FTM) and for details chapter 21 FlexTimer Module (FTM) in the LS1021A reference manual. Output signals are FTMn_CHm in the Data Sheet pinout list. For example FTM1_CH0 is channel 0 output of flex timer module1.

 Timer-baud-rate generator. Please see Chapter Multiplexing and timers-baud-rate generators (BRGs), BRG configuration registers 1-4 (BRGCn) in the reference manual. Output signals are BRGOn.

 IEEE 1588 integration timer. See chapter 20.9.7 Hardware assist for IEEE Std. 1588 compliant timestamping in the manula and application note “Support for IEEE 1588™ Protocol in PowerQUICC and QorIQ Processors”
It can provide pulses on 2 outputs: TSEC_1588_PULSE_OUT1 and TSEC_1588_PULSE_OUT1.

Notice that timer’s outputs are shared by different timers and other blocks signals. For example, pin Y2 may provide one of these signals GPIO4_05/EC3_RXD1/TSEC_1588_PULSE_OUT1/FTM3_CH3.

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