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LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition)

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I would like to know the difference between buying two LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition): 1 seat license ₩ 563,311 and buying one LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition): 2 seat license ₩ 1,024,201

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Effectively it depends on how you want to administer the licenses. For more details see:


To  be perfectly honest, I would actually recommend that you instead consider using the Free Edition of MCUXpresso IDE rather than purchasing LPCXpresso IDE Pro Edition seats. MCUXpresso IDE replaced LPCXpresso IDE back in 1Q 2017, and LPCXpresso IDE is no longer being developed or maintained.

MCUXpresso IDE builds upon, but dramatically extends the functionality of LPCXpresso IDE in most areas. Existing LPCXpresso IDE projects can generally just be loaded and used directly in MCUXpresso IDE. A summary of the differences can be found in the MCUXpresso IDE Installation Guide, which can be download from:

More information on MCUXpresso IDE, please visit :


MCUXpresso IDE Support

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