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LPCXpresso IDE - Latest Release : v8.2.2

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LPCXpresso IDE - Latest Release : v8.2.2

To download installers for all platforms, please visit:



For installation and migration hints and tips, please visit:

Migrating to a new version of LPCXpresso IDE


Current release:

LPCXpresso 8.2.2 (build 650)

September 2016


Changes in this release include:

Previous releases:

LPCXpresso 8.2.0 (build 647)

July 2016


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 5 update 1
  • Updated supported C/C++ dialects in IDE preferences and wizards
  • Fixed issue with optimization level of CM4/HardABI Redlib C library build
  • Fixed issue with Redlib strncasecmp() function incorrectly matching for some input strings
  • Corrected size of third RAM bank from 32KB to 16KB on LPC1820, LPC1810 and LPC18S10
  • Fixed issue causing some peripheral registers not to be displayed debugging LPC5411x MCUs
  • Target CPU automatically selected if possible when debugging multicore MCUs, based on project's CPU settings
  • New "Resume all" and "Pause all" buttons for multicore debug sessions
  • Enabled disassembly view to show opcodes by making GDB alway return opcodes when CDT requests disassembly information.
  • Fixed backtrace issue when debugging inside interrupt handlers
  • Fixed issue with IDE failing to use selected GDB when debug launch configuration modified to use different executable
  • Resolved Mac OS X specific issue with USB reenumeration which could cause a Linkserver crash
  • Fixed issue where flash driver could start with incorrect XPSR and improved error reporting
  • Added support for additional devices in SPIFI flash drivers
  • Added SPIFI flash driver for use with LPC40xx family (see FAQ: LPC40xx SPIFI Flash Driver )
  • Updated LPC-Link2 CMSIS-DAP firmware to allow SWO Trace and power measurement to run at the same time. Also to provide an alternative firmware variant that provides higher priority for serial-VCOM data
  • Fixed issue with SWO Trace which could trigger IDE crash if trace collected for long period of time
  • Improved SWO Performance Counters view
  • Fixed a Power measurement buffering issue which could result in upto 20 samples per 3k being overwritten with newer data.


LPCXpresso 8.1.4 (build 606)

Mid March 2016


Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed issue with some debugger writes to memory silently failing

LPCXpresso 8.1.2 (build 603)

March 2016


Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed issue with IDE failing to boot debug Linkserver on certain non-English Windows variants
  • Fixed issue triggering GDB to occasionally crash when debugging interrupt handlers
  • Upgraded Eclipse to Mars SR2 (4.5.2) and CDT 8.8.1


LPCXpresso 8.1.0 (build 597)

February 2016


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 5
  • Added support for LPC5411x devices
  • Updated LPC-Link2 CMSIS-DAP firmware, providing probe serial number support and additional power measurement functionality
  • Support for debugging via multiple LPC-Link2 probes concurrently using the latest CMSIS-DAP probe firmware
  • All Cortex-M debug connections are now made via Redlink LinkServer
  • Project wizard mechanism updated to add -fno-common compiler option and -print-memory-usage linker option to new projects
  • IDE no longer compares Freemarker linker script with a linker script created by the pre-LPCXpresso IDE v7.90 linker script generator
  • Makefile projects now correctly save MCU settings, including memory configuration and flash drivers (required for debugging)
  • "Average Power" view added to compliment existing "Power Measurement Tool" view (for use with latest CMSIS-DAP firmware on LPCXpressoV3 boards)
  • Fixed issue with GUI / command-line flash programmer when programming images with certain complex layouts
  • Fixed issue when connecting in attach mode to LPC18xx/LPC43xx projects that use the Generic SPIFI flash driver
  • Old SPIFI flash drivers for LPC18xx/LPC43xx removed and replaced by copies of the Generic SPIFI driver
  • Documentation restructured, splitting the old User Guide up into several manuals
  • Resolved issues with LPC-Link1 booting on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.The use of Mac OS X 10.11.3 or later is recommended
  • LPC-Link2 Redlink firmware is no longer provided or supported. Use the default CMSIS-DAP firmware instead
  • "Red Trace" (SWO Trace via Red Probe+) is no longer supported. Use SWO Trace via LPC-Link2 instead


LPCXpresso 8.0.0 (build 526)

November 2015


  • Changes in this release include:
  • Upgraded Eclipse to Mars SR1 / CDT 8.8 (plus Java 1.8)
  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.9 update 3
  • Support for multiple flash drivers within a single project
  • Generic SPIFI flash driver source project debug build fixed so that it will execute on parts with internal flash (and less RAM)
  • SWO ITM Trace Console View added to provide printf support via ITM Stimulus Port 0
  • Fixed an issue triggering error dialogs when the "Terminate All" option was used for non-multicore debug sessions
  • Updated Redlink server/CMSIS-DAP LPC-Link2 firmware to support ISP reset of target MCU (requires target hardware support)
  • Restart button now enabled on Mac OS X by default
    • Note: Restart workaround on Mac OS X (due to an issue with GDB) may leave an unknown "thread" in the debug view - hit terminate again to remove this.
  • Last release to support LPC-Link2 Redlink firmware. Use the default CMSIS-DAP firmware instead
  • Last release to support "Red Trace" (SWO Trace via Red Probe+). Use SWO Trace via LPC-Link2 instead


LPCXpresso 7.9.2 (build 493)

September 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • Various fixes and improvements for  Freemarker linker script templates:
    • Fixed link templates for LPC29xx and LPC3xxx
    • Added '__base...' symbols for each memory region
    • Fixed reporting of template errors in headless builds
  • Corrected base address of SRAM2 block for LPC1517/47
  • Fixed issue with multicore symbols being defined by the IDE for non-multicore parts in some circumstances
  • Improved handling of debug termination to allow target to clean up
  • Instruction trace and SWO trace updated to avoid conflicts when both are trying to use DWT comparators
  • SCT code generation updated to support latest LPCOpen register names
  • Fixed rare issue with creating activation serial number on Linux hosts
  • The use of LPC-Link2 Redlink firmware is now deprecated, and support will be removed in a future LPCXpresso IDE release. Use the (now default) CMSIS-DAP firmware instead
  • The use of "Red Trace" (SWO Trace via Red Probe+) is now deprecated, and support will be removed in a future LPCXpresso IDE release. Use SWO Trace via LPC-Link2 instead


LPCXpresso 7.9.0 (build 455)

July 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • Initial support for Windows 10
  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.9 update 2
  • New Generic SPIFI flash driver mechanism, which will autoconfigure based on SPIFI device detected in target system
  • Enhanced managed linker script template mechanism
    • Known as Freemarker linker script templates
    • Simplifies projects which relocate code from Flash to RAM
  • Support for generating LPC MCU vector table checksums directly in the image, using the startup file and linker script
  • "Active Config" is now the default for the indexer
  • Fixes to Multicore projects
    • Fixed data sections placement
    • Slave image now has bss and noinit sections removed, as they are not required
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing MTB trace with LPC82x parts
  • Extended CMSIS-DAP JTAG support (for Cortex-M parts) to include Keil ULINK2/ULINK-ME probes


LPCXpresso 7.8.0 (build 426)

June 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • New SWO Interrupt Trace Graph and Table views (Pro Edition only)
  • LPC-Link2 will now soft-boot with CMSIS-DAP rather than Redlink firmware by default
  • Improved selection of JTAG vs SWD connections - requires launch configurations to be recreated
  • Fixed an issue with flash programming occasionally failing to initialize or complete
  • Fixed an issue with debugging of LPC11A parts through LPC-Link2
  • Fixed a problem with semihosting output for C++ projects
  • Fixed an issue with reading and displaying unaligned data from the target
  • Fixed an issue with making an attach-only debug connection
  • Fixed an IDE hang if resuming a debug session mid-way through editing a peripheral register
  • Performance improvements when displaying registers
  • Optimized display of Peripherals when editing fields or registers
  • It is now possible to add miscellaneous command-line options to the GUI flash programming dialog
  • Fixed an issue with the reset target option not working when flash programming an AXF file
  • Added path when disambiguating Launch Configurations
  • Wizards now generate liblinks.xml 'smart update' file in library projects, which will still work after a project is renamed
  • Code generated by LPCOpen project wizards now calls SystemCoreClockUpdate() in all cases, not just when linking to a board library
  • For multicore-capable systems an LPCOpen project wizard-generated main.c now only calls Board_Init() for a master core and not for slaves.
  • LPC43xx wizards now generate code using new-style multicore defines
  • Fixed an issue with SymbolViewer not being able to display source for C++ symbols
  • De-cluttered the toolbar by removing the duplicate quickstart toolbar (this can be re-enabled using the User Interface Enablement preferences)


LPCXpresso 7.7.2 (build 379)

March 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • Added support for LPC18Sxx and LPC43Sxx parts
  • Upgraded Eclipse to Luna SR2 (4.4.2) and CDT 8.6
  • Added Technology Preview of SWO Trace support with LPC-Link2 (Redlink)
  • Further major improvements to Flash Download performance
  • Added "Terminate, Build and Debug" Quickstart button
  • SPIFI flash drivers now check for recognised parts
  • CMSIS-DAP support extended to allow multi-core and JTAG debug connections (where supported by probe implementation)
  • Fixed issue with managed linker script for multi-core projects which caused misalignment of slave data section
  • Added support for M4 multi-core projects to use HardABI floating point variant
  • Redlib realloc() fixed to handle heap memory becoming exhausted
  • The LPCXpresso54102 board Power measurement tool is now included


LPCXpresso 7.6.2 (build 326)

February 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed managed linker scripts for GCC 4.9 NewlibNano library names
  • Stopped tracking project selection in Symbol Viewer
  • Added toolbar button for hide/show Red Trace views. Note that a restart of LPCXpresso is required after showing these views before Red Trace can be used.
  • Fixed problem with MCU settings not being saved if changed by using the Quickstart Panel's Edit project settings button
  • Display target chip and core type alongside executable name in Debug View


LPCXpresso 7.6.0 (build 321)

January 2015


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.9
  • Significantly improved flash programming performance across all Cortex-M targets and debug probes
  • Support for additional SPIFI flash parts based on latest LPCSPIFI Library v1.03
  • Added new Symbol Viewer feature to display the symbols in an object/library/executable
  • Redlink firmware enhanced to improve performance and provide bridging capabilities similar to latest CMSIS-DAP
  • Managed linker scripts now contain start and end symbols for all data and bss sections
  • Improved highlighting of changed registers when single stepping
  • Change colors of stub console messages - dark yellow for warnings and green for information
  • Added support for m0 small-multiplier
  • Redlib now implements single precision fmodf() in math.h
  • Redlib free() will now coalesce with any consecutive free blocks
  • Fixed problem with assembler -D option when selecting No library headers
  • Fixed issue with Memory Configuration Editor when merging memory blocks during import
  • Fixed issue with semihosting SEEK operation (affecting Redlib and Newlib fseek()) always resetting to the start of the file
  • Fixed linker script generation for Internal builder
  • Fixed display of second core index for LPC5410x part (from 16->1)
  • Fixed Build All Projects if no project selected
  • Fixed target connection sequence to avoid timeout when downloading very large applications


LPCXpresso 7.5.0 (build 254)

November 2014


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded Eclipse to 4.4.1 ('Luna SR1') and CDT to v8.5.0.
  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.8 update 3.
  • Added support for LPC5410x devices.
  • Default optimisation level reverted to -O0 (rather than -Og) for Debug builds.
  • LPC18/43 project wizards now provide access to Memory Configuration Editor.
  • Add ability to Merge memory configurations and join contiguous memory blocks in Memory Configuration Editor.
  • Enhanced link-time-optimisation (LTO) options.
  • Disable "Set library type" on projects where it is not applicable.
  • Added a default workspace location for Linux.
  • Redlib string.h functions extended to include implementations of (non-ANSI-standard) strcasecmp() and strncasecmp().
  • Fixed very rare cause of hard fault in Redlib malloc().
  • Prevented changing Peripheral registers while target is running.
  • Fixed a problem preventing debug display of arrays within a structure within a union.
  • Fixed issue with viewing of byte-sized peripheral registers, such as CM3/CM4 NVIC priority registers.
  • Fixed issue with writing to byte-sized variables/registers.

LPCXpresso 7.4.0 (build 229)

September 2014


Changes in this release include:

  • Support for LPC82x family.
  • Upgraded to latest Eclipse release (4.4 'Luna') and CDT 8.4.
    • This fixes a number of display problems with complex datastructure variables.
    • Several improvements have been made to the Opcode display in the disassembly view. Opcodes can be displayed by right-clicking in the disassembly view margin and selecting 'Show Opcodes'.
    • Eclipse Luna requires Java 7, which is installed on all platforms in the 'jre' subdirectory. This is independent of the 'System' Java installation, which is not affected.
  • Disabled inline editing of the Pre/Post build steps and forced editing via a dialog.
  • Peripherals displayed in Memory View now display hexadecimal, decimal, and binary in hover for 'numeric' values.
  • Tidied up the toolbar to remove little-used buttons (which are still available in the Quickstart panel).
  • Added new preprocessor defines for multicore projects.
  • LPCOpen Project wizards will now prepopulate the chip library name where possible.
  • Cleaned up inconsistencies in various Redlib header files.
  • Redlib memcpy and related functions now avoid use of unaligned LDR/STR instructions on Cortex-M3/M4.
  • Fixed various single-precision Redlib math.h functions.
  • Fixed a peripheral problem with LPC11U6x/11E6x GPIO word registers.
  • LPCOpen code bundles are now shipped inside the Examples subdirectory, though users are recommended to check LPCware.com for the latest versions.
  • Absolute rather than relative paths are now used in the debugger for breakpoints by default for new workspaces.
  • The default make command is now 'make -r', which should reduce build times, particularly on Windows.
  • Added new Quick Settings menu for changing a project's FP type.
  • Fixed a flash programming issue for LPC15x7 parts.
  • Fixed a flash programming issue for certain LPC21xx/22xx parts.
  • Updated SPIFI flash drivers based on LPCOpen 'LPCSPIFI' library to use v0.07, adding drivers for more SPIFI devices
  • Improved support for the 'Dark' Theme.
  • Now possible to modify the start address of the heap without modifying linker scripts/templates
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) is no longer an officially supported platform. LPCXpresso may continue to work on Mac OS X 10.7, but this can no longer be guaranteed. LPCXpresso is no longer tested on Mac OS X 10.7.


LPCXpresso 7.3.0 (build 186)

July 2014


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.8 update 2
  • Run->Debug As... now works correctly for MCU targets
  • Fix problem that caused CMSIS-DAP to not be available for some targets
  • Correctly terminate Redlink Server after using the Flash Utility
  • Updated LPC15xx startup code generated by new project wizards to match interrupt handler names used by LPCOpen.
  • LPC43xx M0 startup code no longer references systick (which is only implemented on M4 cpu in LPC43xx MCUs, not M0 cpus).
  • Fixed issue with LPC43xx (Cortex-M0 basic) wizards failing to create startup file.
  • Quickstart Debug button now respects the build setting in the launch configuration
  • Additional LPC18/43 SPIFI flash drivers supplied, based on LPCOpen lpcspifilib.
  • C Library memory allocator no longer checks new heap end against current stack pointer.
  • New "boot_link1" and "boot_link2" scripts available on all platforms for downloading probe firmware from command line.
  • Peripheral rendering "Refresh" option now forces re-read from target.
  • Peripheral register fix for LPC15xx GPIO port word pin registers.


LPCXpresso 7.2.0 (build 153)

May 2014


Changes in this release include:

  • Improvements to reliability of Redlink server connections
  • Add __MULTICORE_type pre-processor symbol to compiler for multicore projects
  • Project wizards now place default main() into projname.c rather than main.c
  • On Mac OS X, prevent occasional hang during Debug Probe discovery
  • On Windows, the debug drivers are now built with Visual Studio 2013 to increase compatibility with latest version of Windows.
  • Remove crt_directory.xml to build parts database dynamically at runtime



LPCXpresso 7.1.1 (build 125)

April 2014


This is a bug fix release that solves a problem found in the initial release of v7.1.0. Fixed in this release are:

  • Fix problem affecting LPC-Link2 debug connections to Cortex-M0+ cores
  • Fix regression preventing debugging with CMSIS-DAP
  • Fix for a Red State UI regression which prevented users from graphically adding an output pin to a signal



LPCXpresso 7.1.0 (build 122)

April 2014


Changes in this release include:

  • Upgraded IDE to Kepler SR2 and CDT 8.3
  • Upgraded GNU tools to ARM launchpad GCC 4.8 update 1
  • Fixed problem with C/C++ indexer being disabled on startup
  • Further reliability improvements with LPC-Link2 connections
  • Default optimisation level is now -Og for Debug builds
  • Improvements to Create Binary option to allow multiple commands (for example checksum the created binary)
  • Improved NVIC/SCB peripheral displays
  • Added preference to display peripheral registers with leading zeroes
  • Added preference for the array "chunk" size in variable and expression views
  • Fixed issue with instruction trace when restart carried out
  • Redlib limits.h updated for when compiler configured to treat unspecified chars as signed (instead of default of unsigned)
  • Redlib now implements integer only version of vprintf() as well as floating point compatible version
  • The wrench overlay icon is now correctly displayed on a file/folder with local build settings
  • Prevent a Redlink Server debug session on a target that is already being debugged
  • Updated RAMFUNC definitions provided by cr_section_macros.h

Note: Due to the imminent discontinuation of support by Microsoft, Windows XP is no longer an officially supported platform. LPCXpresso may continue to work on Windows XP but this can no longer be guaranteed. LPCXpresso is no longer tested on Windows XP.


LPCXpresso 7.0.2 (build 102)

March 2014


Note - there is a know issue with the indexer in v7.0.2. This can be fixed by a simple change to a configuration file. For details see here.


Changes in this release include:

  • Fixed problem with setting breakpoints on Windows with source paths containing spaces
  • Fixed problem with Memory Configuration editor losing changes
  • Debugging of LPC12xx and LPC11A02/LPC11A04 are now supported with LPC-Link2
  • mproved reliability of LPC-Link2 when downloading large images
  • SCT code generator version updated to 2.6: switched from using register names that are undocumented on some parts, e.g. CAP_L[0] to CAP[0].L.
    • Users should regenerate their SCT code
  • Managed linker script support for placing specific functions into RAM
  • Fixed display of memory if first displayed when target is executing


LPCXpresso 7.0.0 (build 92)

February 2014


Major new release with features including:

  • Support for latest NXP MCUs (including LPC1500)
  • New release of the GNU compilers – v4.8.3.
  • Includes new ‘general’ optimization level, -Og. This new optimization level, aims at providing fast compilation, a superior debugging experience and reasonable runtime performance.
  • Adds Link Time Optimization (LTO). This allows all the different compilation units that make up a single
  • executable to be optimized as a single module (not suitable for debugging).
  • Inclusion of a new small-footprint variant of the Newlib C and C++ library, known as NewlibNano. Use of this library can result in significantly smaller code size, especially of C++ applications.
  • Note that further details on the use of these new options can be found in the compiler documentation that is provided in the IDE help system.]

New release of the base Eclipse IDE – Kepler (v4.3).

  • The Managed Linker script mechanism has been extended to support the features of new GNU compiler.
  • 'New project' wizards can now invoke import wizards directly to allow importing of library projects required in creating of new project.
  • gdbserver debug connections enabled -> Enables use of Segger J-Link.


LPCXpresso 6.1.4 (build 194)

January 2014

Changes in this release include:

  • Added support for LPC11U6x.
  • Fixed profile and interrupt trace on LPC13xx (12-bit ADC) parts
  • Fixed regression introduced in 6.1.2 where a wizard-generated dual-core slave startup file failed to compile
  • Removed display of CRP option in the wizard for creating dual-core slave apps
  • Fixed various file resource leaks in the IDE; ensure temporary files are cleaned up on exit
  • Fixed linker script generation for LPC1102/1104
  • Startup files fixed for various parts to prevent name mangling issues in C++ projects
  • Corrected flash driver references for certain LPC11A, LPC11E, LPC11xxLV parts
  • Redlink connections now display correct debug protocol in debug log
  • In project wizards, LPCOpen wizards are listed first if available
  • LPCOpen project wizards for LPC13xx, LPC175x_6x, LPC177x_8x, LPC407x_8x now provided
  • LPCOpen packages can now be browsed from the Import Project page
  • CGU related updates to LPC18/43 CMSIS driver libraries
  • (Windows) Rebuilt version of make provided
  • (Linux) Added new udev rules for CMSIS-DAP probes


LPCXpresso 6.1.2 (build 177)

December 2013

Changes in this release include:

  • Added support for LPC11x37H parts including support for IOHandler.
  • Added LPCOpen V2 project wizards for LPC18 and LPC43 families
  • Fixed issue where not all slaves were displayed in the linker properties of a MultiCore project
  • Added missing breakpoint/watchpoint menu items while debugging in the Develop perspective
  • Fixed issue where Watchpoints not trapping with Redlink
  • Fixed issue where Hard fault not trapped / VectPC updated with Redlink
  • Fixed issue with Cycle count registers broken on LPC43xx using an LPC-Link2
  • Fixed failure of LPC12 project wizards to set "__DISABLE_WATCHDOG" symbol
  • On Windows 8, use the LPC-Link1 WinUSB driver instead of HID


LPCXpresso 6.1.0 (build 164)

Late October 2013

Changes in this release include:

  • Introduced Red Trace SWV support for Red Probe+
  • Fixed issue connecting to a third core when debugging LPC4370
  • Extended range of prebuilt LPC18/43 SPIFI flash drivers
  • Fixed problem with Watchpoints not being cleared
  • Corrected debug startup with Red Probe+ when more than one FTDI-based device is present
  • Fixed possible null pointer exception after editing memory configuration
  • Fixed lost highlight when using keyboard to scroll through MCU selection
  • Windows) Updated dfu-util/libusb to support additional USB3 hubs


LPCXpresso 6.0.4 (build 159)

Early October 2013

Changes in this release include:

  • Added support for ULink-2 CMSIS-DAP interface
  • Fixed display of C++ global variables in Expression view
  • Prevents use of JTAG for CMSIS-DAP connections (it is not currently supported)
  • Added missing launch shortcut preventing display of correct launch config in Run/Debug Settings dialog
  • Stopped display of debug probes when deleting JTAG configuration
  • Fixed display of multiple debug probes reported by Redlink Server
  • "Quickstart->Build all" now works when no projects are selected
  • Fixed problem with memory configurations not being stored correctly
  • Fixed Redlib problem with free() of null pointer
  • Added c++0x and gnu++0x C++ compiler dialect options


LPCXpresso 6.0.2 (build 151)

September 2013

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