Brendon Slade

LPC43xx LPCOpen updates are here!

Blog Post created by Brendon Slade Employee on Sep 2, 2016

Well folks, the resurgence of LPC continues! I'm pleased to let you know the LPCOpen packages for LPC43xx have been updated, fixing a bunch of issues and improving/correcting the readmes for the examples. In case you didn't know, we have all the LPCOpen packages on the LPC site now; you can find them using the search box, from the part page (under the Software tab) or from the board page. Look out for more LPCOpen package updates over the coming months. The updates are for the currently available LPC43xx boards from NXP (LPCXpresso43xx boards, Keil MCB4357, NGX Xplorer4337 and Hitex LP4350).