What is Redlink?

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What is Redlink?

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Redlink (also known as Link Server) is the mechanism used by LPCXpresso to provide a debug connection down to a target MCU. It provides the means to connect to single MCUs or to multiple CPUs within the same MCU via a single debug probe.

Redlink consists of a number of layers which you may see referenced in various places within LPCXpresso when making debug connections. These include:

  • crt_emu_cm_redlink
    • The debug driver utility that acts as the target aware layer underneath the debugger.
  • redlink server or link server
    • Server application running on the host computer that allows multiple connections through the debug probe down to single target MCU.
    • New is LPCXpresso IDE v8.1 is support for the use of Multiple Debug Probes via Link Server
  • debug probe firmware
    • Software running on the debug probe that provides the interface back to the host debugger over USB.
    • Note: from LPCXpresso IDE v7.8 onwards, CMSIS-DAP debug firmware is used by default. From LPCXpresso IDE v8.1, Redlink firmware is no longer supported.

A number of Redlink compatible probes are available. These include:

  • LPC-Link2
    • The redlink firmware is downloaded when your first make a debug connection via the LPC-Link2 after it is powered up. For more details, please see the FAQ "LPC-Link2 Support".
  • Built in debug probe of RDB4078 development board.
    • This behaves from the tools viewpoint as an LPC-Link2.

Redlink is also used for communication to other CMSIS-DAP enabled debug probes. For more details, please see the FAQ "CMSIS-DAP support in LPCXpresso".

Note: From LPCXpresso IDE v8.1 Redlink/Linkserver is also the primary scheme used for connection to the LPC-Link and Red Probe+ debug probes.

Non-Cortex parts

Note that we have no plans to support debugging of ARM7/9 based parts with any 'redlink' connections (including CMSIS-DAP). To debug such parts, you will need to continue to use Red Probe+ or LPC-Link1 and connect via compatable debug drivers. LPCXpresso IDE will automatically select the correct mechinsm for such parts.

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