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LPC-Link2 Support

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

Supported Parts


LPC-Link2 (combined with the associated CMSIS-DAP firmware) is the recommended debug probe for use with LPCXpresso IDE, except for the following MCU families:


  • LPC2xxx (ARM7) , LPC3xxx (ARM9)

    • No support for these parts is planned


For more information on debug probes support by LPCXpresso IDE, please see the FAQ "Which debug probes are supported by LPCXpresso IDE with which MCUs?"


Connection Mechanisms


The "native" way to connect to an LPC-Link 2 is selected by ensuring that link JP1 is not fitted at power on. When used in this manner with LPCXpresso IDE then the latest compatible debug firmware will automatically be downloaded into the probe the first time a debug session is started. This is the recommended way of using an LPC-Link2 with LPCXpresso IDE


It is also possible to use an LPC-Link2 which has been programmed with debug firmware image in flash - by fitting link JP1 before power on.


For more information on programming compatible debug firmware images into LPC-Link2 flash please see LPCScrypt.


LPC-Link2 Board Layout