Using the IDE as a Limited User in Windows


Using the IDE as a Limited User in Windows

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The LPCXpresso IDEs work best when run from a user account with Administrator privileges. By default, the IDE cannot be run by Limited (non-privileged) users because some information is written into files and folders within the install directories. To allow a Limited user to run the IDE, the installation files and folders need to be made writable by any user. To do this:

  • From an Administrator account
    • Install and activate the product
    • Using Windows Explorer, locate the installation directory (e.g. C:\nxp\LPCXpresso_6.1.4_194)
    • Right-click on the installation directory and select Properties from the context menu
    • Uncheck the Read-only attribute
    • Press Apply
    • In the "Confirm Attribute Changes" dialog, choose the "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files" option
    • Press OK
      • This will make all of theLPCXpresso files accessible (and writable) by all users.
  • From the User account, run the product


  • The list of recently used workspaces is common. When starting the product all recently used workspaces (from all users) will be shown. However, Windows standard security will prevent unauthorized access to files
  • When performing any maintenance on the installation, such as installing plugins, these should be performed from the administrator account that was used to originally install the product.
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