ablout Master Security Wrapper(MSW)

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ablout Master Security Wrapper(MSW)

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Hi ,

  Is there any more information about Master Security Wrapper(MSW)?  In UM11126 I only find below.

  where is it? How to set it and modify it? Master Security Wrapper (MSW)
TrustZone for ARMv8-M offers IDAU functionality for CM33 when TrustZone feature is
configured. However, IDAU is not available for all other masters on LPC55S6x. A special
wrapper Master Security Wrapper (MSW) is implemented for each AHB Master except
MSW allows application to set security attribute for each master. There are two categories
of the MSW:
1. Simple Master: Bus Masters that can perform data access only: SDIO, USB-FS,
DMA0, DMA1, Hash-AES.
MSW for simple master enables strict checking by default. Secure data accesses can
access secure memory only. A programmable option to disable strict checking allows data
access from secure master to Non-secure memory.

  thanks a lot !


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


You can check all master security level (MSW) settings in the 47.4.73 Master secure level register section of the UM. Additionally, you can check the TrustZone examples included in our MCUXpresso SDK.

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