Stuck in systemInit() for keyboardhost.c in LPCUSBLib

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Stuck in systemInit() for keyboardhost.c in LPCUSBLib

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
Content originally posted in LPCWare by grtester on Wed Feb 25 17:04:28 MST 2015
I tried to compile the LPCUSBLib example projects, which failed for the LPC4357 on the MCB4300 board. It wouldn't compile because of not enough RAM, so I set IRAM1 size to 0xC000. Now it compiles and downloads to the board.

When I try to debug it, I cannot enter the main() function. It appears it's stuck in the systemInit() function:

void SystemInit(void)

#if defined(CORE_M3) || defined(CORE_M4)
unsigned int *pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int *) 0xE000ED08;

*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int) &__Vectors;

Once I try to step over this line,
unsigned int *pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int *) 0xE000ED08;

the debugger enters a hardfault, and the command window states "cannot access memory"

My guess is the address 0xE000ED08 is out of bounds, but other projects with the same systeminit runs fine. Perhaps I should lower the RAM size? But then the program won't compile.

Does anyone have any ideas to solve this?
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