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LPC55S6x DICE Support

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In revision 1.3 of the LPC55S6x user manual it was stated, that the LPC55S6x supports DICE (Page 4: "Supports Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) Specification (version Family 2.0, Level 00 Revision 69) specified by Trusted Computing Group.")

As I just looked into the updated version of the user manual (1.8), it seems that the documentation about DICE is gone. There is only one mention of DICE (DICE_INC_SEC_EPOCH on page 146).


I asked a question about DICE some time ago (LPC55S69 DICE ) and received the answer "user can still use DICE to generate CDI without problem."

Where can I now find information on how to create and read the CDI? Or is there no DICE support anymore?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Simon Ott 

I was also aware DICE was removed from new version UM.

This is because we don’t support DICE for mass market customers that’s why we removed it from UM. This is a market discussion.

NXP doesn't encourage mass market using DICE anymore.

Have a great day,
Jun Zhang

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