LPC551x newbie questions

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LPC551x newbie questions

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On cursory inspection, it looks like the M33 is an M4 but without the DSP and with more security features, is that approximately correct?

Is there an encrypted bootloader app/app note/example for the LPC551x?

Is there CMSIS?

Is Keil supported?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Alan

On the LPC55S1x/LPC551x, the Cortex-M33 is augmented with hardware co-processors providing accelerated support for additional DSP algorithms.
The Arm Cortex M33 provides a security foundation, offering isolation to protect valuable IP and data with TrustZone technology. It simplifies the design and software development of digital signal control systems with the integrated digital signal processing (DSP) instructions

LPC55Sxx supports secure boot. please make sure you use LPC55S1x


CMSIS and Keil are supported.

Have a great day,
Jun Zhang

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