LPC54628 Brownout Interrupt Detection

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LPC54628 Brownout Interrupt Detection

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I am working with brownout interrupt detection on LPC54628.

Lowering the VDD level to the BOD interrupt level triggers the interrupt.

However the interrupt is constantly triggered while I am on this level (i.e. VDD = BOD interrupt level).

Is this the way BOD interrupt is intended to work?

The BOD interrupt can clog up my MCU load and I cannot handle anything while the VDD level is on the BOD interrupt level.

Is it possible to configure LPC54628 to trigger the BOD interrupt only once and not constantly while VDD = BOD interrupt level?

Many thanks


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, Daniel,

I guess that you do not clear the BODINTSTAT bit in BOD control register (BODCTR) in your BOD ISR, if you do not clear the bit, the ISR will be entered again and again.
The BODINTSTAT bit can be cleared by writing a 1 to the bit.
For detailed inf, pls refer to section 4.5.108 BOD control register in UM10912.pdf.


XiangJun Rong


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