LPC4300 Boot Image Header question?

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LPC4300 Boot Image Header question?

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I have a LPC4370FET (flash-less, non AES part) that will be booted from its internal 128kB SRAM after loading the program image via USART0.  The User Manual (5.3.3) tells me I need to send a 16 byte Boot Image Header in Table 24;


  • HASH_SIZE is 16 bits – but my program image is 67 kB – how do I send the image size?
  • HASH_ACTIVE could be 00 (reserved for non secure parts) or 11 (no hash is used) – which is correct for my non-AES part?


Many thanks

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Contributor III

The answer is in Table 73 in section 7. It gives full description of the table items;

HASH_SIZE Size of the part of the image over which the hash value is
calculated in number of 512 Byte frames. Also size of the image copied to internal SRAM.
Hash size = 16[2] + HASH_SIZE x 512 Byte.