Getting Started with LPC55S69, LPC55S69-EVK, Cortex® M33 and TrustZone®

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Getting Started with LPC55S69, LPC55S69-EVK, Cortex® M33 and TrustZone®

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I've been really, really impressed with the LPC55S69 and its enablement (LPC55S69-EVK, MCUXpresso IDE, MCUXpresso SDK and the Config tools). Now that I've used the part for some time, I thought that it would be helpful if I share my experiences.

I've created a series of video blogs hosted on YouTube - under the title "Investigating Arm® Cortex®-M33 core & Arm® TrustZone® for Armv8-M". In a 17-week series I'll go from unboxing the LPC55S69-EVK, through configuring MCUXpresso IDE and the SDK, introduce the Pins and Clocks config tools, before diving into TrustZone® and the dual-core behaviour of the part. I've not written the material yet but I'll look at how the In-System Programming (ISP) on the chip works, and generally have a good look at the LPC55S69.

I've written some blog introductions to the material on and you can find the videos on my YouTube channel embeddedpro - YouTube. The plan is that I share what I find out, and for you to let me know if it has been helpful. You can also let me know any ideas that you want investigating.

The videos are published each Monday around midday Central European Time. If you have some time please take a look, and I'd really value your feedback. This is video 1:

1 Unboxing and Getting Started - YouTube 

Mark embeddedpro®

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Thank you for your input. 



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