Flash Magic Programing LPC

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Flash Magic Programing LPC

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Flash Magic Programing LPC

There are two ways to program LPC chips using Flash Magic, ISP mode and  Single Wire Debug (SWD) mode.

ISP mode support COM port, USB, CAN and Ethernet.

SWD support LINK2(LPC1800/lpc4300) bridge and LPC11u35 bridge.

This article uses four demonstrations to show these programming methods.


1. ISP mode
  1.1 UART ISP Mode Demonstration

  1.2 USB ISP Mode Demonstration

2. Single Wire Debug(SWD) Mode
  2.1 SWD over Link2 Bridge

    2.1.1 Introduction

    2.1.2 Demonstration

 2.2 SWD over LPC11U35
   2.2.1 Introduction

   2.2.2 Demonstration

   2.2.3 Recover board


Download Flash Magic tool from: https://www.flashmagictool.com/

Pay attention use the new version Flash Magic v13.10 or later.


About detail steps please refer to attachment.


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