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Problem: The new Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (version 1607) is not honoring the old FAT12 systems with no partition table disks. LPC products with mass storage USB ISP implement MBR + FAT12 with root directory entries only. Due to this, the OS is not able to recognize the virtual files system presented by the LPC mass storage ISP. Hence the new OS ask the user to format the disk with assumption it is a portable media.   Workaround: Until Microsoft resolves the issue,  an alternative is to use raw disk image writer tools such as a Win32 Disk Imager to write firmware file to the device.   Here  are the steps: Download and install Win32 Disk Imager. Create disk image file for the user image to be programmed. As done in original flow create firmware.bin using fromelf.exe (Keil) or other means. In this example we are using periph_blinky.bin file. Now prefix this files with the attached header_crp_disabled.bin. Open command prompt (cmd.exe). Issue the following command at the prompt “type header_crp_disabled.bin periph_blinky.bin  > hdr_periph_blinky.img” Plug the device/board to Windows 10 machine. The OS will provide the format disk option as shown in plug_in.jpg. Note the drive letter assigned for our device and press “cancel” button. Now start "Win32DiskImager.exe" Select the driver letter noted in the previous step. Select the hdr_periph_blinky.img created in step 2. Press the “Write” button. Following confirmation message will appear. Press “Yes" Once the image is write following message appears. Press “OK” and exit “Win32 Disk Imager” application. Original Attachment has been moved to: header_crp_disabled.bin.zip