USB Host Project with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert

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USB Host Project with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert

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USB Host Project with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert

Hello All,


Here is a document for creating an USB Host Project (MSC + fatfs) with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert support in KDS. It uses FRDM-K64F board as example and lists some specific considerations that needs to be accomplished when creating an USB Host project by using fsl_usb_framework component (Processor Expert) in Kinetis Software Development Kit (KSDK) version 1.3.


I hope you can find it useful!



Isaac Avila

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Hi Isaacavila,

This is very useful. I am working on a project to use USB in device mode for CDC class.
I am using MK50DX256CLK10 processor for a custom board.
Is there a document or reference project available for USB in Device mode for CDC class?
Please reply in your spare time.

Kiran Tujare

Hi, I used this project to implement CDC using PE.

Hello Kiran,

This document guides you to configure a USB Device by using Processor Expert (It was created for KSDK 1.2 but it applies to 1.3 as well): Creating a New USB project with KSDK and Processor Expert support in KDS , also, in this post, I provided some steps to implement a CDC + CDC device also with Processor Expert:

Hope any of these post can help you to implement your CDC Device!



Hi Isaac

Thank you for the links and all the help. Is there any project in CodeWarrior for the same. I downloaded USB Stack v4.1.1 NXP bare metal (no OS) USB Stack​ and was trying to use USB_CDC component for it. Please let me know if there is any tutorial like above for CodeWarrior. I would appreciate it.

Kiran Tujare

Hello Kiran,

Unfortunately, these documents refer to KDS because KSDK isn't supported on CodeWarrior.

Have you tried to import the example projects from this USB stack? There is one example for USB CDC Device.




Yes, I am referring to example projects from USB STACK. Thank you :smileyhappy:

Thank you :smileyhappy:

Hi Issac,
I wanted to point you to my post.
I wish you would take a look and provide help if possible USB CDC DEVICE

Thank you,
Kiran Tujare

Hi Isaac,
Can you answer this thread please?
USB CDC for Custom Board 

Hi Therealfreegeek,
Can you answer this thread please?
USB CDC for Custom Board 


I am using MK64FN1M0VLL12 and trying to get usb as host for mass storage device up and running.

I have a custom board and a crystal (external) of 25 Mhz. I am using Ksdk 1.3 and PE.

I have configured all the related clock setting as per the document described above.

But I cannot get the USB host to run , my device does not enumerate and its always in USB_DEVICE_IDLE state.

My project is same as one in the zip file given above.

Kindly guide me through this.



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