Roadmap for KSDK 1.2

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Roadmap for KSDK 1.2

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Is there a public road map for the changes that are expected within the upcoming release of the KSDK 1.2?  I know that there is planned additional support for a few KL devices.  I am interested if there are significant API changes within either currently supported peripherals or services such as the osa.  Alternately, is there a beta version of the KSDK 1.2 available that I can begin working with?


I am trying to judge the work that will be required to port:

  • A KSDK 1.0 project using manually implemented KL26Z  support forward to the KSDK 1.2, and
  • A KSDK 1.1 project using the K22 forward to the KSDK 1.2.
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Roy,

I´m sorry for the late response, but for the next time and for better visibility, please use Kinetis Software Development Kit

Few points to your question:

No - we do not have any public road map. We can only confirm if we see support/develop of any MCU in future plan.

Now, is available KSDK 1.2. and there is huge support of KLx family.


If you try to migrate your projects from older KSDK to KSDK1.2  I´m attaching you the procedure - how to migrate.

I hope it helps you,

Best Regards,


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