KSDK2.0 USB HID Generic demo, is there a Windows demo ?

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KSDK2.0 USB HID Generic demo, is there a Windows demo ?

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In the KSDK for K24f and K64f devices there is demonstration code for USB HID device implementation, so I am looking on the NXP software pages for demo Windows PC application code that works with these HID demo's to verify connectivity and data transfer and then integrate that functionality into a application that can send/receive data structures holding application specific information.


I looked into the code for the new Kinetis Bootloader 2.0 that works over USB-hid to see how that is implemented

and noticed it uses HIDAPI - Multi-Platform library for communication with HID devices written by Alan Ott Signal 11 Software. I had previously considered using this library so can review the bootloader and flash loader code and develop based on the principles used, this approach could take considerable time.  If NXP released a simple windows demo application that works with the Generic HIS device code in KSDK2.0 that would be ideal.


Is the bootloader code the best point of reference for developing the Windows application code, or is there a windows demo that I have missed?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Chad,

unfortunately there is no such windows demo - or I haven´t heard about it yet. 

Best Regards,


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