VID/PID for FRDM-KL25Z with custom firmware

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VID/PID for FRDM-KL25Z with custom firmware

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it has been some years since the last post on this issue and I was wondering if Freescale has changed policy on this as there are many other vendors who sub-license PIDs to small scale productions (<10K units/PID, I believe) for their customers.  We are making a product that is set to help many but doesn't really make any money (yet at least) - and we are using the Freedom boards with little or no modifications with our own firmware on them (of course).  We don't have $5K to hand over to for a VID (a bit expensive for small productions, IMO) and we are really in need of an official VID/PID combo for the science kit we are making.

Is there any way Freescale can help out?  We would be interested in just one of the 65536 PIDs available :smileyhappy:

FlavioStiffan, mnorman and Deactivated user - I'd like to hear if any of you would have an idea of which direction one could take here? - We could - of course - let the user USB port report the same as the flash port as it's technically the same board being connected to (no hardware modification - just firmware).  As there is a fast growing interest in us shipping something ASAP, we'd really like to get a workable solution on this issue in a very near future.



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Well you can enter a SR to discuss possibilities to get a VID/PID license, there you will contact with the person in charge in this topic inside Freescale.

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