Using BXL Files (Provided by NXP) on Proteus

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Using BXL Files (Provided by NXP) on Proteus

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Ok, I want to create my design on Proteus. NXP supplies ".bxl" files for Kinetis series MCUs. And, tells us to use "Ultra Librarian" to convert the files for other tools. Problem is that Ultra Librarian does not support Proteus. Is there a way to open the files?.Or, can try to export files for another program (For example, Ultra Librarian supports Altium) and convert it to Proteus format?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Yes, it is truth that we only provide the bxl file as the design. Customer who would like use other tools, we recommend to google how to convert the bxl file. We really understanding the inconvenience this may caused but at present, it is the only available file format.

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