TSS 3.1 C++ wrapper question :)

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TSS 3.1 C++ wrapper question :)

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I just built the FRDMKL05Z_DEMO_CPP example :smileyhappy:

However, size is soooo big, close to maximum 32K.

   text   data    bss    dec    hex    filename
  26860     48   3644      30552   7758    FRDMKL05Z_DEMO_CPP.elf
  26860     48   3644      30552   7758    (TOTALS)

  1. Code optimization is maximum (-Os). Is there a way to shrink the size of this library down? For example, I'm just using ASlider, I do not need Rotary functions, perhaps I can omit them? :smileyhappy:
  2. Also, does this library contains any code for proximity functions? I think not! Let me know again :smileyhappy:
  3. Finally, which is the smallest code needed for proximity + touch functions? With Processor Expert and no C++ wrapper I have been able to achieve, around 20 K, as far as I remember.

Please let me know your thoughts about the 3 questions! Have a nice day.

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you should definitely look at your makefile / project settings. Probably using CW, so there is still space for improvement. When I build this demo in IAR, this are sizes reported in the map file

  19 892 bytes of readonly  code memory

   1 446 bytes of readonly  data memory

   1 649 bytes of readwrite data memory

You can always squeeze some bytes also checking the TSS config and turn off funtionality which you dont need.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Kazola

unfortunately the Simple Low Level function is not available for the kinetis family, this only works for the S08 and the coldfire V1,

but I create a simple code with PE that set the Aslider  with only one control and I get

  text data   bss   dec   hex    filename
  23460   36   820      24316

5efc    FRDMKL05Z_TSS_PE.elf

this is not 20K but is less than 30K

Have a great day,

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