System Integration Module of MKE1xZ

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System Integration Module of MKE1xZ

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I am working on NXP MKE1xZ256 board. I am currently writing code to run an application that requires to read core Id, flash size and ram size of mcu. I searched it's reference manual and find out that SIM(System Integration Module) peripheral can provide me this information.

My Query is:

"How to exactly get core id, flash size and ram size of mcu from SIM peripheral ?"

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I don't know which IDE or SDK you are using however writting a simple code:

You can directly read the SIM_FCFG1 register using a 32 bit variable to know  Program flash size

Read SIM_SDID register using another variable to know RAM size.

And read Unique Identification Registers as the following post suggest

How to read the unique ID for K60? 

Also, take a look at the reference manual, and perform the necesary masks to get the correct values.

You can use MCUXpresso IDE and install a Ke1xz SDK to do a mini project with this porpuse. 

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