Solved: K22 GPIOs not reflecting internal registers

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Solved: K22 GPIOs not reflecting internal registers

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Pin Control Register (PORTx_PCRn) was not set correctly and pins ended up disabled.

Hi there.

I have developed code for a project using the Freedom K22 eval board for testing.
As the production HW is using the K22F128xxx10 MCU (as opposed to the K22F512xxx12 on the FRDM) I changed the clock-setup and -init to FLL and got the production HW up and running.

But... the GPIOs does not work (and probably neither do other peripherals but I'm not that far yet).
Debugging a simple main-loop setting and resetting a port pin sets the direction- and output-registers (PDOR & PDDR) correctly but the state is not reflected on the pin. Tried several ports and pins but same result.

I have checked and double checked the pinmux and setup.

What am I missing?


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