Newbie question on how to upload code to KE02

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Newbie question on how to upload code to KE02

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I'm new to NXP processors but I've been programming Atmel ATTINY and ATSAM processors for several years. I want to use the KE02 processors to replace the ATTINY in existing designs and for new designs. So the first thing I need is a tool chain and programming tool for the KE02. Two questions:

1. I currently use Eclipse/gcc under Windows for my ATSAM work and I would like to use the same approach for the KE02. For the ATSAM I was able to download Atmel Software Framework, which provides CMSIS and device driver C source and header files. Is there an equivalent package for the KE02?

2. I have so far found very little information about how to upload code to my own KE02 designs. I want an inexpensive solution for development and low-volume production, not an expensive mass-production tool. I have read that the Freedom dev boards use an on-board OpenSDA adapter for programming. Can I buy a standalone OpenSDA adapter? I happen to have a FRDM-KL25Z board lying around: can I use that to program the KE02? Or is there a better way?

Thanks in advance!

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This post could help with what you want: SWD Debugging with the FRDM-KL25Z Board | MCU on Eclipse 

To use KL25Z as programmer/debugger you have to isolate the KL20x OpenSDA programmer from the KL25 target. Connect the SWD header to another target SWD and should (perhaps you'll need to change the firmware from FRDM board, MCU on Eclipse has some posts about that).

Just a remainder NXP support for the KE0x sub-family are quite weak, I've been struggling to get an KE02 self-made development board to work.

KDS doesn't come with KE0x driver library, but you can find then here: 

Nevertheless, I would suggest you considering an LPC, like LPC800, they have similar prices, TSSOP packaging. 

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This can be used together with KDS (Eclipse based), S32 Design Studio for ARM (Eclipse based) or Atollic (Eclipse based), all of which are free (also CooCox - Eclipse based but more limited Kinetsi debugging).
You can use FRDM-KE02 boards or use any FRDM board's OpenSDA interface to debug your own target (SWD connections); there are various hobby blogs showing you how to do this.

You can get complete open source code, including KE02 simulation (for maximum development efficiency) from the uTasker OpenSource KE02 project at

In case one-on-one professional support were to be required for real product developments at some time in the future this is available at the links below, but if not everything is completely free so your total investment in a FRDM board and full framework and development environment should not be much more than $15..20.



Professional support for Kinetis:
Remote desktop one-on-one coaching:
Getting started to expert videos:

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