MKE16 debug issue

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MKE16 debug issue

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We are facing an issue in programming the MKE16Z64VLF4 microcontroller. I'm using MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.1 with PE micro's multilink universal. The hardware is not properly detected while downloading. Rarely I'm able to download but I'm not able to debug, it says Runtime error 216. I have verified the schematics and layout and everything seems OK.

Also, we noticed, after removing the power supply, the 5V and GND are showing short. But after some time there is no short.

Does anyone similar kind of issue, kindly help us get through this.

Please find the attached image for controller section schematics.




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Kaarthi,

  You are using your own designed board, not the NXP official board, right?

   If your VDD and VSS is short, your hardware seems have issues.

  After checking your attached schematic, some issues:

NMI PTD3 need 4.7K to 10K pull up resistor.

reset pin, 4.7K to 10k pull up resistor, and 0.1uf capacitor to ground.

About the solder temperature: max 260 °C.

BTW, do you have JLINK on your side? If yes, you also can use the JLINK debugger associated with the JLINK command to detect your board, whether you can find the ARM core or not?

If can't find the ARM core, the hardware still have issues, you still need to check hardware side.


Best Regards,



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