KL25 to KL26 migration/feature change guide ?

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KL25 to KL26 migration/feature change guide ?

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Is there any document that describes the differences between KL25 and KL26 at a level comparable to the Reference Manuals ?

So far, I have found the following differences between KL25-RM-KL25P80M48SF0RM and KL26-RM-KL26P121M48SF4RM:

- addition of I2S (which, ironically, is also advertised in the KL25 RM),

- port C is now interrupt-capable (only two more ports to go ! :-),

- can select pull-up or pull-down (KL25: only pull-up),

- there is a new clock trim bit (LSB) MCG_C2.FCTRIM,

- another crystal oscillator (OSC1) is briefly mentioned in the MCG section but then never spoken of again,

- likewise, there is an MCG_Lite that is mentioned only once (not sure if this is simply meant to refer to a specific mode of operation of the MCG),

- SPI can now also do 16 bits,

- UART1 and UART2 are no longer mentioned in section 2.4/2.2 but they still have their own chapter and the data sheet mentions them as well (including pin assignments),

- a voltage reference apparently separate from the DAC is mentioned but never explained,

- larger memories and different package options.

Note: these are differences i found in the documentation. I didn't actually try to use them.

Surprisingly, the "Multipurpose Clock Generator (MCG) block diagram" (figure 24-1 in the KL25 RM) seems to have vanished. I think without it I could never have figured out all the twists and turns clock generation takes ...

- Werner

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

In fact, customer could get KL26 major difference with KL25 with below table:


More detailed info, please check KL2x family fact sheet:


Thank you for the attention.

Best regards,

Ma Hui

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Werner:

I do not have the list of changes, sorry for this meddling. But came to my attention that you have checked the KL26 reference manual, and we would really appreciate if you check the next thread and provide feedback to the document (e.g. the thing about the MCG diagram):

KL26 Reference Manual

Thank you!

Jorge Gonzalez

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