KEA128 automatic reset problem.

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KEA128 automatic reset problem.

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Dears, I am using kea128 and kea32 for serie products development. everything works fine by demo board frdm_kea128. But problem occurs at my own PCB (both kea128 and kea32). A brand new manufactured board, before any software flash operation, the reset pin of the MCU output a pwm wave (see attached pocture). with or without(leave pin N.C.) a pull up resistor, the same. interesting is, the frequence of this wave is about 39kHz, the same as the MCU internal clock. 

Conquence is: with S32DS 2018  it possible to debug, but the codes disappear after power on reset; With CodeWarrior 11.1,  after clicking debug, the bar runs till 99%(downloading...)   then error prompts up: can not reset the process.

Totally have no idea why this happens. Please help. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi  Jiabin WU,

  Do you have JLINK?

  If yes, please use the JLINK commander to connect your new board with SWD, whether you can find the ARM core or not?

  If you can't find the ARM core, it means your hardware have issues.

  To the new board, automatic reset is normal, because the chip flash is blank.

Wish it helps you!

Any updated information, just kindly let me know.



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