Interrupt Priority settings in MCUXpresso IDE

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Interrupt Priority settings in MCUXpresso IDE

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    I need to change interrupt priority in MCUXpresso IDE. I am using MK60FN512VMD10 device and MCUXpresso IDE. I my application i have many gpio interrupts and i need to set the interrupt priority in MCUXpresso IDE. 

Is there any API for the same? if not then how to set interrupt priority of peripherals? Please share some examples or documents which can help me.


Nandish Jasani.

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Senior Contributor II

Hi @Nandish Jasani,

usually you would use the MCUXpresso SDK and its CMSIS-Core API to do this. To my understanding there is no SDK for he K60FN512. But for that part you could use the CMSIS for a comparable part, say K64 which is as as well an ARM Cortex-M4F (with FPU). You find the CMSIS files in a subfolder of the project:


Just in case: I wrote a multi-part tutorial about the ARM Cortex-M interrupts and API a while back, see

Part 2 includes examples how to use the CMSIS API, e.g.

NVIC_SetPriority(58-16, 0xA); /* IRQ Number 42, Interrupt Priority 0xA0 */

I hope this helps,