I2C slave stuck waiting.

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I2C slave stuck waiting.

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I have a FRDM-k64 board. I have been looking into the I2C examples. Specifically frdmk64f_i2c_polling_b2b_transfer_slave. Is it necessary to have a specific I2C hardware board connected in order to test the software ? If so can you give more details on the test boards ? If the example project should work without any specific hardware, when I run the example it runs to about line 123 in frdmk64f_i2c_polling_b2b_transfer_slave.c and just stays in the loop, waiting I presume for g_SlaveCompletionFlag to become true. Any ideas ?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Randy, I hope you're doing well!


The example you're using is configuring the K64F as an I2C slave, and thus, is kept waiting for data to be sent from an I2C master. To fully test the example, you can set up another board as a master (using the I2C_polling_b2b_transfer_master example) and send information from one board to the other.


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