How to use UART2 and FlexIO UART at the same time?

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How to use UART2 and FlexIO UART at the same time?

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Hello, everyone

Kinetis KL17's UART2 and FlexIO UART share the same one interrupt and IRQ: UART2_FLEXIO_IRQHandler.

Is it possible for one project to use these two part at the same time?

For UART 2, UART2_FLEXIO_IRQHandler means UART_TransferHandleIRQ

For Flex IO, UART2_FLEXIO_IRQHandler means UART2_FLEXIO_DriverIRQHandler() and FLEXIO_CommonIRQHandler

I think they conflict at this point.

How to fix this issue, please?

Tks so much!!!


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Examine the status register of each module to see which one is active then go that route.

Clearly whom ever designed this chip had no concept of writing software for it.
Such as "Separation of Concerns"...

The combined PORTC and PORTD IRQ are a similar mess. 




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