FlexRam and FlexNVM data records

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FlexRam and FlexNVM data records

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I'm using a K10Dx part with 2K FlexRAM configured for EEPROM.  I am able to read and write to the FlexRAM with no issues, and data is retained between power cycles.

I wanted to look at the data records created by the EEE State machine.  I thought I had done this a few months back, but can't seem to find them in the 0x1000_0000 range.

Does anyone know how I can view the FlexRam  EEPROM data records?

p.s. When writing the same value/unchanged value to FlexRam, will it comit the data as a new record?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Tom Prohaszka:

The FlexNVM space which is configured for EEE functionality is only accessible through FlexRAM (starting at address 0x1400_0000). You can give a check to the application note about FlexNVM/FlexRAM:


If by "view" you mean from a debugger, then you can read the same address space of FlexRAM and it will show you the EEE data records.

About your last question, each time you write to FlexRAM it triggers an operation to store new EEE data records in Flash, but this is transparent to the user, you only need to access the FlexRAM space for read/write operations.

Jorge Gonzalez

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