Change QSPI Boot Entry-Point on K8x

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Change QSPI Boot Entry-Point on K8x

Contributor V

I want to explore the possibility for the K8x MCU to quickly boot into different applications, as needed. This is possible if switching between two applications: one in internal flash, and the other in external QSPI flash.  But can I switch between applications that are both on external flash?

Will QSPI Flash offset 0 (mapped address 0x68000000 for the K8x) always be used as the entry point when booting from QSPI XiP Flash?  Or is there a way to change the entry point to some other offset in flash?

I could not see anything obvious in BCA , Flash Configuration Field, or QCB.

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Contributor III

Hi Denis,

I recently faced this problem as FCA and BCA are appended as defined in IAR, External Flash has Two ranges A and B or( QSPI A and QSPI B) where you can map these as two independent application, but a jump to the other can only be possible if its been hard-coded.

As entry point change will require changes in VCTOR register of SCB of arm(To Remap Interrrupt Vector Table).

It depends what type of requirement you have in hand.

In my case I used a Second Stage Bootloader to move entry points in FCA and BCA region, as initial FCA and BCA region are required during initial boot only, a Second Stage Loader/Application can update Them.

Best Regards

Saurabh Saxena

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