Can I program a MKL15Z128VFM4 firmware file without modifications on MKL16Z128VFM4 part?

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Can I program a MKL15Z128VFM4 firmware file without modifications on MKL16Z128VFM4 part?

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We are having issues buying the MKL15Z128VFM4 part from distributors as they are out of stock. The MKL16Z128VFM4 and MKL17Z128VFM4 parts are, however, available (the first may be bought directly from NXP buy-direct).

I already know the parts are compatible, but I am not sure on what level!

As I may update some existent devices directly in field, I don't want to manage multiple firmware versions - so having the same firmware for both parts is desired.

The main question is: may I program the same firmware (I mean, the same .srec/hex file) I used on MKL15 based devices on the MKL16 new ones? Or do I need to generate a new one and manage two versions of the firmware?

Important: I'm not using i2s in my design (I've already seen this is a new feature on MKL16)

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help as our product is almost on back order!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Luiz Fernando Schrickte

Answering your question, yes, you can load the same .bin in the two devices as long as these two parts are compatibles and form the same family.

As you mentioned, you will have to pay attention the new modules that are included in the MKL16, you mentioned I2S, but please also consider that the SPI is 16-bit SPI modules in the kl16, while 8 bit in the kl15. Also, there could be some some pins that you have available in the kl16 that are not in the kl15, I recommend you to check the pinout.

Hope this could help.
Have a great day,

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Hi Jorge,

Thank you for your help.

As our stock is getting low right now I definitely had to port the firmware!

I needed to change the firmware for the MKL16 as the MKL15 compiled bin file didn't work directly. After changing the Cpu through PE,  I noticed there are slight differentes at SM1.c:

Screenshot from 2017-12-15 17-05-34.png

Obviously trying to run the MKL16 firmware on MKL15 doesn't work either. I am now working on a firmware that should be compatible with both (checking SUBFAMID on SDID), as I have field update features.

The big question now is: it looks like I am late again, as the MKL16 part is rare now among suppliers (wans't at the time of the first question). NXP informed me their lead time is around 39 weeks!

Now I am thinking to port to MKL17 (as this subfamily has parts available). It looks like there is no PE support, so I'll need to port it all by myself - the big question is: what changed? Do Freescale has a single/organized source of changes in this subfamilies upgrades? Or are they not meant to be successors, but new family members? Does somebody know what changes I will need to make in the software?

Thank you again!

Luiz Fernando

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