New Kinetis Design Studio v3.2.0 available

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New Kinetis Design Studio v3.2.0 available

New Kinetis Design Studio v3.2.0 available


a new release of Kinetis Design Studio (KDS) is available: the version v3.2.0!


The KDS v3.2.0 is an update with includes all existing updates to the v3.0.0 release. So instead downloading and installing v3.0.0 and then apply all updates, it is recommended that you use the v3.2.0 version instead. There is no need to uninstall an existing KDS v3.0.0: the new v3.2.0 is installed in a separate directory and can be used side-by-side with the previous version.


Main benefits of v3.2.0 are:

  • Includes all previous updates in a single installation image, no need to download 3.0.0 and apply updates which can be problematic depending on the order updates are applied
  • Fixes known issue with GNU ARM Eclipse updates which affects debugging with OpenOCD and Segger J-Link
  • Fixes known issue with launching KDS on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Includes the latest GNU ARM Eclipse build utilities to overcome the Windows 8192 command line character limit
  • Updated P&E and Segger drivers
  • Includes the "Project of Project" plugin
  • Includes the Kinetis SDK v2.x Project Wizard
  • Includes bare project support for KM1 and KM3 devices


Using KDS v3.2.0 instead of using KDS v3.0.0 with the updates is recommended. KDS v3.0.0 can be kept installed and does not need to be removed. Do *not* install KDS v3.2.0 over an existing KDS installation!


Download the Installer

  1. Go to Kinetis Design Studio Integrated Development |NXP
  2. Under the Downloads tab, click the button to Download the software
  3. Select the host operating system for which you want to download the installer:
  4. You need to agree on the license agreement
  5. Download the Installer and release notes which contain additional installation instructions:
  6. Install the software and consult the release notes for additional installation instructions. Release notes are attached to this document too.



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Erich, regarding "Includes the Kinetis SDK v2.x Project Wizard" -- will we be forced to upgrade to KSDK 2.x, or will we still be able to use KSDK 1.2.0?  I could install and try it, but I don't want to potentially commingle KSDKs on my system or any of the others.

Hi Dave,

yes, you still can use the 1.x SDK, simply install the Eclipse update into KDS of these SDK 1.x and you are ready to go.



There are options for KSDK 2.0, KSDK 1.3 and PE projects, but the simpler "Kinetis Project" disappeared. Any option to create one without KSDK or PE?


Hi Inigo,

simply create a Processor Expert and disable it in the settings:



Thank you Erich.

That menu has changed from version 3.0 and I thought, erroneously, that the other options were not "tuneable".

I could just tried... Sorry.


I just downloaded the KDS 3.2.0 .deb package for my ubuntu install.  I have (now had) a previous install of KDS 3.0.0.  I was under the impression that KDS 3.2.0 would install next to my existing installation.  Running "sudo dpkg -i kinetis-design-studio_3.2.0-1_amd64.deb" removed my install of KDS 3.0.0 and indicated that it was installing KDS 3.2.0 (over) KDS 3.0.0.  KDS 3.2.0 did install into a different directory (/opt/Freescale/KDS_v3) but it completely removed the contents of my /opt/Freescale/KDS_3.0.0 directory. Is this expected?  Did I use the wrong command?

I'm having problems with sdk, processor expert, and kds 3.0

If I sellect "none" on Kinetis SDK, I cannot check to use Processor expert.

I've tried it before and after installing "Eclipse_add-on_to_add_Kinetis_SDK_V2.x_Project_Wizard-v2.1"

I cannot install any SDK cause I cannot download it.

Every day things are more difficult in (freescale)NXP software.


I have the same problem. Have you fixed it?

During installation the folder KDS_v3 exist but when it finishes it erases everything inside / opt / Freescale



$ ar vx kinetis-design-studio_3.2.0-1_amd64.deb
$ tar -xzvf data.tar.gz
$ sudo mv opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/ /opt/Freescale/
$ cd /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/eclipse/
$ ./kinetis-design-studio

I click on the link to download KDS 3.2.0 for Windows, but nothing happens?  Can anyone help here?

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