How to keep connection settings in a FreeMaster project file?

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How to keep connection settings in a FreeMaster project file?

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I want to make a FreeMaster Project work right out of the box. So when I send the project file and the map file to someone, they should be able to use it without any further settings.
The only settings I couldn't save in the project file are the connection settings, when I send my FreeMaster project file to someone they get this error message.


 And they have to go through the steps of the connection wizard to connect to the board.
Could I somehow save the connection setting in the Project file or there is no way for the users to skip the wizard at the first use?

Thanks for the answers.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear Kornel,

yes there is an option to store the communication port settings to project file. But if you use serial port, the COM port number will be most probably different on the other computer anyway.. This is also the reason why this option is turned off by default.

This option may be useful when using a plug-in connection or if using a special COM port (e.g. on-board virtual USB COM port) which can be uniquely identified by some 'hint' word from its description. You probably know that the hint word can be used instead of the COMx specification in the FreeMASTER.






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