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FREEMaster error codes

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I have a FRDMKV31F board with and a FRDM-MC-LVPMSM motor controller running the demo PMSM program provided with MCUXpresso 5.1 and FREEMaster 3.1 as the control program. It is driving the LINIX 46ZWN24-40 motor.

Sometimes it works fine, but mostly I get a "COMMUNICATION ERROR" message.  The communication log shows an error message with error code = 0x80000116.

What does this error code mean?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Gary,

the error code 0x80000116 says the variable address expression does not evaluate to a numeric address. This error typically occurs when FreeMASTER variable uses an unknown symbol - a name of a C-language variable which does not exist in the target MCU application.

This error may also be returned when a FreeMASTER variable uses more complex expression which may also involve other variables' values (e.g. with valueof() or sizeof() operators) and when there is a syntax error in the expression. 

Please check the definition of the FreeMASTER variable and check if any of your changes in the MCU code have not caused a removal of C variables that are referenced by the FreeMASTER project.

You can also submit a support question in a forum dedicated to Motor Control applications. 


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