MCAL integration issue

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MCAL integration issue

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Hi All,

I am trying to use S32K14X_MCAL_4.2_RTM_HF6_1.0.2.exe MCAL with the Vector Autosar SIP. After integrating MCL CDD from this MCAL in DaVinci configurator, I am not able to view or add all the exclusive areas as defined in "mcl_Bswmd.arxml" in Rte -> RteBswModuleInstances -> Mcl -> RteBswExclusiveAreaImpls

Instead I am able to view only a subset of exclusive areas. Is it linked with bswmd file "Mcu_ib_bswmd.arxml" provided with the SIP?

Is there a way to patch "Mcu_ib_bswmd.arxml" file during MCAL integration/generation?


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