QTimer input edge interrupt input filter on DSC MC56F8037

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QTimer input edge interrupt input filter on DSC MC56F8037

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Dars Sirs,

in my application i use an MC56F8037 DSC.

I am using input edges of secondary input external pin of Quad Timers as source of interrupts.


I have noticed that the input filter is not working.

In fact i don't see any effect on the latency by changing the sampling period and consecutive samples requid to agree parameters.


Is it the expected behaviour of this filter?
Is the interrupt working on raw signal?


Best Regards and thank you in advance




P.S: the Timer is configured as follows:


    QT_A2 Configuration
    Count mode: Counting mode, count rising edges of primary source
    Timer Channel Enabled (counter starts counting immediatelly after initialized): Yes
    Primary source: Prescaler (IPB clock/ 32) , Secondary: Counter #1 input pin
    Input polarity: True , Output polarity: True
    Input capture mode: Load capture register on both edges of secondary input
    Output mode: Asserted while counter is active
    Count stop mode: Count repeatedly , Count length: Roll over , Count direction: Count up
    Output enable (OFLAG to pin): No
    Force OFLAG output at startup: No , Forced OFLAG value: 0
    Master mode (broadcast compare event): Disable
    Enable external OFLAG force (on broadcasted event): No
    Co-channel initialization (on broadcasted event): No
    Preload Control: 1: Never , Load Reg: 0
                     2: Never , Load Reg: 0
    Interrupts: Overflow: Enabled
                Input edge: Enabled
                Compare: Disabled
                Cmp 1: Disabled
                Cmp 2: Disabled
    Input Filter: Input Signal Sampling [timer clocks] : 96
                  Consecutive Samples Required to Agree: 10
                  Input Signal Latency: 30.0625 us
#define QT_A2_CTRL_INIT                   0x3A80U
#define QT_A2_SCR_INIT                    0x14C0U
#define QT_A2_CMP1_INIT                   0xFFDCU
#define QT_A2_FILT_INIT                   0x0760U

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Tazio, I don't know how you found the filter didn't work, but it should be working per you configuration. You can enable the capture interrupt and toggle a GPIO in the ISR. Observe the time between the edges of triggering input signal and the output of that GPIO, it should change as the configured latency changes.

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