trouble programming Nand flash, MPC8313E, CW version 5.9.0 (Linux)

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trouble programming Nand flash, MPC8313E, CW version 5.9.0 (Linux)

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I'm new to CodeWarrior, and my plan is to use it primarily to load uboot into my board.  The board hardware is configured to boot from Nand flash, small page size, PCI host mode.

I am trying to use the 8313MDS_CS0_NAND_init.cfg file, which matches up with my DDR2 and Nand flash devices.  So far however the board fails to initialize using the CW flash programmer with this config file.

The JTAG signals seem to respond appropriately when I try to erase a sector or do a blank check, but CW reports failure to initialize, and there is no activity on the flash signals.  HRESETn is stuck low, which I might expect because the processor is fetching bad RCWL and RCWH vectors from the as yet unprogrammed nand flash device.

So I wonder, is the low state of HRESETn preventing CW from accessing the processor via the COP interface?  Or is HRESETn ignored while accessing internal registers using the COP interface?

Also, is it possible to set the RCWL and RCWH registers via the COP interface?  If not, short of changing the CFG_RESET_SOURCE vector, how does one configure the hardware order to program the flash?

I've scanned through the AN3201 app note "Using U-boot to Boot From a NAND Flash Memory Device for MPC8313E", but it doesn't seem to address these questions.

Thanks for any clues you may be able to provide.


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I am not sure what board you are using, but I suspect that it is the 8313RDB.  If this is the case then the linux bsp has instructions for booting the board from NAND flash.    The bsp docs can be accessed via the START_HERE.html on the bsp iso image.  Take a look at the "device driver user manual --> booting from NAND".
This process shows you how to boot u-boot from NOR, flash u-boot to NAND, and then boot from the NAND chip.
You can download the 8313RDB bsp iso from here:
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